Blog 130 uses for vinegar

Last week my daughter and I enjoyed a day of cooking with a dear friend of mine.  We marveled at her spotless kitchen, her gleaming glasses, sparkling dishes and the freshness of the air in her home.  Her dishwasher was not working, and we washed everything by hand.  Every so often I saw her reach under the sink and add a spash of something to the wash water.  With a twinkle in her eye, she said “Vinegar! I never have spots.  I use it for everything, not just for cooking.”

It’s easy to forget about vinegar.  Cheap and plentiful, how did we ever get swayed into believing fancy expensive products are so much better?  They are not.

I’m adding vinegar to my food and supply storage in gallon jugs.  For cooking, cleaning, sanitizing, managing my garden, repelling pests, doing basic home maintenance, and much, much more… it can’t be beat!

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