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 Field Sink

Think about how critical cleanliness would become if the grid were to collapse.  Consider how precious every drop of water would be.  Picture the difficulty in doing basic tasks such as cleaning your face and hands.  In the days before plumbing, a wash stand held a pitcher full of water and a basin in which to wash up.  The basin required a fair amount of water to be effective, and this water became contaminated the first time it was used.  To empty the basin was not convenient.

This do-it-yourselfer created a sweet solution for this problem.  It’s wonderfully designed and simple to operate.  It functions as it should, allowing only as much fresh water as necessary to be used, which then drains into a reservoir to be either filtered and purified, or used for washing clothing, or put to use in any number of ways.

I could not find anything on the market quite like it.  He thoughtfully provides a video tutorial for making it yourself.  It’s worth taking a look at this!  What do you think?